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Online Consultations

To support health and care of our community during this covid pandemic, Vividus hospitals have launched online consultation services by specialists Doctors to assist self isolating patients a way to digitally diagnose and monitor the health. 


These services offer Safe, secure and flexible choice, and in turn help to minimise the spread of COVID-19 by supporting patients to stay at home, while still enabling them to receive the care they need. 

Any kind of comorbid conditions, the physicians are available at the centre during the drive and help you to choose wisely. In such situations we request you to kindly carry your previous health records with you .


The package include:


- Twice a day phone consultation by specialists doctors,

  • General Physician

    • ​​Dr. Avinash - MBBS MD DNB Physician and Diabetologist

  • Paediatrics

    • ​​Dr. Srihari Modugala - Pediatrician, fellow in neonatology,fellow in Pediatric Nutrition

    • Dr. Shalini Sharma - Pediatrician

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    • Dr. Sahana - OBGYN​

- Priority in cases with worsening symptoms. 

- We arrange for collection of blood samples if blood tests are required.

- We drop off any required medication at your doorstep safely.

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