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Our Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICU) is a 4 bedded hospital ward following the NAHB norms and helps babies who sometimes need special care.

Babies can be admitted to neonatal care for a number of reasons, including when they: 

  • are born early - may need extra help with breathing, feeding and keeping warm

  • are very small and have a low birthweight

  • have an infection

  • have jaundice

  • had a very difficult birth

  • are waiting for, or recovering from, complex surgery

Having a baby in neonatal care can be worrying for parents, but the staff looking after your baby should make sure you receive all the information, communication and support you need.

Babies in the NICU will be looked after closely by a team driven with specialists of about 12 years experience in the field and full of empathy, compassion and care.

The unit is equipped with centralised oxygen lines, state of the art ventilators, C-PAP, incubators, photo therapy units, warmers.

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